Ultra-low transaction spread cost

After bidding from multiple banks and liquidity providers, the system automatically screens the offers with the lowest spreads and the most advantageous for investors and provides the deal.

Flexible trading lever

Customers can adjust the trading margin ratio according to their own needs at any time, and the ratio of 1:1 to 500 times of margin can be set freely to facilitate the response.

STP straight through trading mode

Adopting the STP pass-through mode without traders, all customers' orders can be directly traded through the international market, providing customers with a fair trading environment.

Safe isolation of trading funds

According to regulatory requirements, your funds are kept in isolation from trusted financial institutions, and the bank provides encryption technology throughout the process to ensure the security of funds.

Extreme market wear-free

In the extreme market, we assume that due to market volatility and abnormal market liquidity, we do not ask customers for negative value.

The world's top IT protection

The world's top IT security service provider - COMODO in the United States provides full station protection to ensure the security of customer information accounts, risk compensation up to 1.75 million US dollars!


Quick Trading Feelings

We have positioned service response speed and extremely fast trading experience as one of the characteristics. To this end, we simplify the front-end account opening process and improve the account opening audit rate. In terms of injecting and withdrawing transaction funds, we dock with major global banks to ensure that customers around the world can inject and withdraw funds quickly. In terms of trading experience, docking with top liquidity, setting up servers globally, increasing the transaction rate to milliseconds, bringing customers a very fast trading experience!


An Account, Trading Globally

We have carefully screened out for you the most liquid market, the most active trading, the most popular international futures, gold, silver, crude oil, stock index and other dozens of trading varieties. In Ruiyi, you only need 120 seconds to open a real trading account, through our mobile phone APP trading, you can trade anywhere, anytime, an account, the world!


Authoritative supervisory qualification

CCCUK Markets,简称CCCUK Markets。是经澳大利亚证券投资委员会(Australian Securities and Investments Commission,简称ASIC)审批并监管,监管号:412083。ASIC是世界公认的著名金融市场监管机构之一,是澳大利亚期货交易非商业独立监管机构,用来监督经纪商对交易员和投资者的行为规范,使投资者免受欺诈。


More than 22 top banks and liquidity providers


Quick order closing speed up to 50 milliseconds


Over 47 of the world's most active mainstream trading products


The maximum margin leverage ratio of 500 times is available

Trading is simple and flexible

Multi-short two-way transactions, each trading variety can buy more, sell short. T+0 instant trading, no restrictions on building warehouses and closing warehouses

Adequate trading time

Unlike the stock market with a closure system, international futures, gold and crude oil are all global over-the-counter markets, which are open 5 x 24 hours a day.

Transaction profits are unlimited

International futures, gold, crude oil and other trading products are free from fluctuation and fuse restrictions. When the trading direction is correct, profits may not be capped.


A wide range of trading varieties

Covering four of the world's most active trading varieties


Gold and silver are the most active metal varieties in the global trade at present. With their unique characteristics - commodity property, monetary p


Crude oil, the mother of commodities, is the most important energy and resource in the world at present. Ruiyi provides two authoritative varieties of


Global stock index spread contracts, including Hong Kong Hang Seng, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, S&P 500, Frankfurt DAX, London Financial Times 100, Paris CAC40



Provide the most popular among traders MT4

MT4 trading software is a very excellent online trading system software, which integrates the three functions of market chart, technical analysis and order trading. It has complete functions, convenient marking and easy to understand the market capital flow. It is one of the most widely used software in international futures trading.